We Specialize in Wedding Lighting

Lighting can enhance your venue’s appearance while allowing you to turn down the house lights, “It’s a proven fact that people prefer to dance with the house lights down”. Good Time Entertainment can provide the perfect color to add atmosphere to your event. Whether you choose amber to give your walls a candle light feel or tie in the colors of your wedding we have the right color for you. 


Well placed up lighting can transform an ordinary room into a warm, welcoming and extraordinary room that your guests will really appreciate. With hundreds of colors to choose from we can help you select the best to coordinate with your event's color scheme.

Bride & Groom Monogram Light

Put your signature on your event with a custom monogram light. We have many layouts and fonts to choose from or you can make it your own by providing us with your artwork. Orders need to be placed prior to two weeks before your event. We have these template suggestions for you to choose from.

Pin Spotting

You spend a lot of time choosing the perfect cake and centerpieces for your tables so why leave them in the dark. Properly positioned pin spots can light them up for your guests to enjoy the whole night.

Dance Lighting

Dance lighting creates movement and excitement on the dance floor. Multi colored gobos move to the sound of the music adding to the whole entertainment experience. (Ask a reperesentatve about our lighting packages and pricing).